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Established in 1996, Manchester Organics has grown into a world leader in fluorination and high pressure chemistry, research and manufacturing. From our locations in the UK, India and USA we have built valued relationships spanning all areas of the chemical industry, ranging from pharmaceuticals to electronics.

Our manufacturing capabilities range from R&D through to commercial scale production and we also offer a continually expanding catalogue of building blocks and fine organic chemicals. Our specialism in fluorination technology together with expertise in general organic synthesis at all scales (cGMP and non-cGMP) allows us to bring an extensive range of fine chemicals to you through our catalogue, as well as servicing a wide, chemically diverse range of custom synthesis, development and scale-up projects.

Manchester Organics is engaged in a wide range of chemical activities to support you as shown below:

Our rapidly expanding catalogue currently contains over 50,000 compounds, many of which are manufactured in our own laboratories and are exclusive to Manchester Organics. As well as utilising our unmatched expertise in fluorination chemistry, a wide variety of non-fluorine containing compounds are also offered, showcasing our capabilities in custom synthesis.

We continually review our catalogue and launch new, innovative products on a regular basis. This includes new functionality such as difluoromethyl (CF2H) groups, as well as unusual aromatic and heteroaromatic substitution patterns. Our scale-up facilities in India along with established relationships with a global range of suppliers, allow us to bring unusual, competitively priced compounds to customers in attractive pack sizes. All our products undergo a rigorous quality control procedure and are supplied with a full certificate of analysis and material safety data sheet.

We strive to respond quickly to all enquiries with competitive quotes. Our commercial team are all qualified in chemistry giving you added confidence that we will provide an unsurpassed level of technical service.

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Every order is important to Manchester Organics, from 1g of a fluorinated building block from our extensive catalogue to a multi-tonne order for an API. We look forward to working with you in the future and welcome your enquiries!