Bench Scale Carbonylation and Hydrogenation

New Method for Safe and Simple Carbonylation and Hydrogenation Chemistry

Manchester Organics and SyTracks Cabonylation Technologies

In collaboration with Sytracks we are now able to offer our customer’s bench scale carbonylation and hydrogenation kits. You can now perform bench scale trials/reactions at your own facility and if required utilise the larger scale vessels available at Manchester Organics for scale up to gram and multi-kg quantities.
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Bench Scale Carbonylation


COgen is a new class of bench stable carbon monoxide (CO) precursor. CO can be released from COgen in a highly controlled manner by the use of palladium catalysis. COgen will produce CO in any aprotic solvent such as THF, toluene, dioxane, DME, DMF, DMSO, PEG anisole, acetonitrile etc. Combination of COgen with the two-chamber system, COware, results in the SyTracks CO-Generator. This combination safely allows the user to, in one chamber, produce CO and apply this gaseous reagent in the secondary chamber with high effiency. CO generated in this fashion corresponds directly to CO from a pressurised canister and can be applied for any carbonylation purpose.

Carbonylation Chemistry diagram

Carbonylation Chemistry diagram 2

The Coware system available from Manchester Organics allows users to produce many novel and highly functionalised carbonyls previously unavailable without the use of a high pressure facility.


Featured Products

Code Item Description Price
B30993 COware generator 400ml 1 x COware 400ml (F30997)
1 x 100g COgen (C37631)
C30994 COware generator 100ml 1 x COware 100ml (G30998)
1 x 25g COgen (C37631)
D30995 COware generator 20ml 1 x Coware 20ml (H30999)
1 x 5g COgen (C37631)
I31000 COware Heating Block (Fits 20ml COware) £400
Individual items available please contact us

Bench Scale Hydrogenation

The new special PTFE caps (H-Caps) fitted with single use O-rings are used to seal the COware system thereby efficiently preventing loss of H2 or D2 due to diffusion. This provides simple access to pressurised H2 and D2 in standard fumehood setting.

Bench Scale Hydrogenation

Code Item Description Price
S97499 COware H-Caps 2 x H-Caps
1 x alumia opener
40 x O-rings
G30998 COware 100ml £159
H30999 COware 20ml £86
F30997 COware 400ml £228
I31000 COware Heating Block (Fits 20ml COware) £400
Individual items available please contact us